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You can email an assignment to BlackhawkInvestigations@comcast.net or you can fax an assignment to 603-878-4358.

Blackhawk Investigations LLC works with financial institutions across the United States to assist them in locating assets that have gone into default status.   Once your asset is recovered it is returned to a secured impound lot.  You will receive notification of the repossession with pictures and a condition report sent to you.

You may need only need pictures and a condition report. 
Blackhawk Investigations LLC will use your condition report form or provide our own for your needs.  Pictures can be emailed to you or you can request pictures to be printed and mailed to you.

Blackhawk Investigations LLC has a network of auctions that will assist you in selling your asset at the best price possible. 

                           You are in charge.  We will serve you as best we can. 

Please call 603-878-4358 or email to BlackhawkInvestigations@comcast.net for more details.